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Entertainment team

Our entertainment teams are formed by young people wanting to transmit positive energy, fun and entertainment. They are a point of reference for your holidays and will try with all their means that the whole family have the best holiday ever.

Here we show the different profiles that form an entertainment team:



    Goldy Club children's entertainers are characterized by responsibility, experience in childcare and the ability to energize and entertain through play. Tasks are to entertain, develop activities, care and dance with the children.


    All round entertainers have the talent to organize and create a pleasant atmosphere in each activity. Distinguished by their ease in communication, with a proactive and helpful attitude. Sports, dances and games all form part of the day to day routine.



    Responsible for the organization and correct running of all day and evening activities. Tasks are to organize, support and manage the team. The team manager is a very experienced person in the field of entertainment and public relations.


Work with us

If you think you have the profile, speak several languages and would like to join the entertainments team in Golden Hotels, click on Work with us and fill in the application form.