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Goldy World

Goldy is our friendly dinosaur who loves to play and dance with the children, always accompanied by his best friend Goldina. Together they are waiting for you in Golden Hotels to enjoy your best holiday ever.


What Goldy likes ...

  • Goldy loves spaghetti bolognaise and chocolate ice-cream
  • His favourite drink is Orange Juice
  • He likes riding his bicycle, reading stories and dancing
  • His favourite activities in the Goldy Club are treasure hunt and football
  • He also enjoys the water party and football
  • His favourite colour is blue
  • The best part of the day for Goldy is in the Goldy Club when all the boys and girls come and play 

What Goldina likes ...

  • Goldina loves fish fingers and melon
  • Her favourite drink is strawberry milkshake
  • She likes going to the swimming pool, make up and dancing
  • Her favourite activities in the Goldy Club are the water party and sports day
  • Her favourite colour is pink
  • The best part of the day for Goldina is the minidisco, because she has a great time dancing with the children

Print & coulour

Download drawings of Goldy & Goldina, print them and colour them in. You have various drawings to choose from.

Mini disco dances with Goldy

Now you can dance the mini disco dances with Goldy and his friends. Let's get the party started !

  • El Tren (The train)
  • Goldy Song


Don't forget that you can take home a few Goldy & Goldina souvenirs when you come to visit us:


    Take our Goldy or Goldina soft toy home with you.

    You will be able to play with them and enjoy their company at any time.


    On the DVD you will find the songs from our mini disco. Follow the dance routines or sing along with the words that come upon the screen. There is also a CD to listen to where ever you want. The children will be able to enjoy the emotion of our mini disco in their very own home.


    Don't forget that you can wear our Goldy T-shirt wherever you go.

    Available in various colours and sizes.