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10 easy tips for you to be a responsible traveller

Help to preserve the natural heritage, flora and fauna.
Leave them in their natural environment.
Be sure that your footprint is the only print that you leave behind.

Take a refillable bottle of water with you.
Don´t ask for straws with your drinks.
It may seem minor but it could have a great impact.

Recycle your waste.
If you don´t have a rubbish bag with you, keep your rubbish until you are able to discard of it correctly.

Use public transport or shared transport when possible.
Walk or use a bicycle.

Make adequate and moderate use of the energy you consume.
It´s not acceptable to say, ´I´m not at home now, I´m not the one who pays the bill or I can use as much as I want.

Respect the artistic and archaeological heritage and other cultures and places of worship. Always ask permission before taking a photo of someone.

Open your mind to new experiences and be tolerant to diversity.

Contribute to the local fair trade. Value the offers from the local shops, crafts and local products that have an impact on the local economy.

Enjoy the local culture, gastronomy and local tradition.

Contribute to the development of responsible, fair and sustainable tourism.

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