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Feb. 17, 2021, 8:46 a.m.

Not everyone who loves the Costa Brava reaches this point, but the landscape, the calm, the immensity of the sea and the good harmony of the Golden Mar Menuda hotel are the reward for a desired trip.

Opening the hotel windows is to rediscover the charm and beauty of the Mediterranean Sea in its purest form. The hotel maintains in its decoration the style of the coastal buildings fused with the most modern comforts. The Golden chain maintains the standards of quality and good taste for the service to its guests.

Many charming hotels in Spain reduce their appeal to the room to be occupied, but the Golden Mar Menuda hotel, in addition to a pleasant rest, offers unique experiences such as diving, snorkeling or live music in the hotel's select bar.

The privileged location of the Golden Mar Menuda hotel, right in the charming Mar Menuda cove on the Costa Brava, gives its rooms a preference when deciding a weekend getaway, a romantic night or a relaxing stay.

Boutique hotels for couples

All couples like to take a walk around the hotel. Seeing sunrise or sunset from the hotel's beach will be an experience to remember for life and leave the moment captured in our memories ... or social networks.

If you are one of those who like to spend a romantic stay with your partner and have a room with sea views and a private terrace, at the Golden Mar Menuda hotel you will enjoy that exclusive privacy mixed with good service in an unforgettable setting.

On the Mar Menuda beach, in that Mediterranean Sea that it shares with the charming views of Tossa de Mar, this oasis of impeccable facilities survives: swimming pool with access to the beach, restaurant, private terraces and balconies with impressive views.

Room with sea views, romantic stay on the Costa Brava and hotels on the beachfront are some of the features we seek and hope to find. Hotel Golden Mar Menuda brings them all together.

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