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Nov. 29, 2021, 10:20 a.m.

When you are looking for last minute hotel deals the results will be very different from the early booking hotel offers. If you want to take advantage of last minute offers in hotels, it is essential to book from the hotel's official website. This way you make sure that the hotel rates will be the best on the Internet.

Like many hotel chains, Golden Hotels offers the Loyalty card, with which you will always get discounts and the best promotions at our hotels on the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Barcelona. Having the Loyalty card is free and the best way to access exclusive offers.

The best way to find the best beach hotel deals is by early booking. You will be able to find the best hotel prices and save money if you book your summer holidays at the beginning of the year. You can take advantage of the best hotel prices in the summer of 2022 by booking as soon as possible.

The length of the stay will also affect the price of the hotel. Always booking many days in hotels has more discounts on rooms. We can get cheap accommodation if we book a week or more. Long stays are always cheaper at Golden Hotels.

By booking your vacation on our official website, in addition to immediate confirmation, you will get the best price guaranteed. Booking online at Golden hotels in advance or at the last minute is easy, fast and secure.

The best prices in hotels

Organizing a trip is exciting and carries a great responsibility if you want to book hotels for your family, friends or couple at a good price. Golden Hotels will be a positive choice: wide hotel offers, renovated rooms, quality facilities and exceptional gastronomy. If you book on this website you will enjoy hotels by the sea at a very good price, all-inclusive hotels and activities for children, youth and adults.

Our best price guaranteed system and last minute hotel offers make Golden Hotels a good choice for summer holidays in Catalonia.

All of our hotels have real opinions and positive reviews from thousands of customers. Book now and take advantage of our hotel offers.

Take advantage of this opportunity of hotel offers to enjoy a vacation at reduced prices and enjoy staying at the Golden hotels. With our Loyalty card you will have exclusive discounts and access to exclusive hotel services at the best guaranteed price.

On your next summer vacation you will book the best last minute deals on beach hotels in Catalonia.

We also have in our Reservations department special prices for groups, sports teams, associations and companies. Check our special prices and ask for a personalized quote.

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