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Offers for single parent family

June 1, 2021, 9:14 a.m.

It is time to adapt to the new times and from Golden Hotels we offer extraordinary offers for single-parent families with children.

Single-parent families have specific needs; current family models require new forms of vacations and special treatment.

The goal is for children to travel and have fun with their father or mother and be accompanied by other children in a similar situation. Our hotels have many guests who are divorced with children and take advantage of their vacations to make new friends.

At Golden Hotels we offer offers for single-parent families in Salou, Tossa de Mar and Pineda de Mar. Holidays for single parents with children are unforgettable moments to enjoy with peace of mind, our hotels offer a very complete program of activities for parents, mothers and his sons.

Surprise and fascination are the most frequent reactions of single-parent families when they stay at our hotels. Few hotel chains place so much emphasis on children having a great time. Our animation and activities team work daily so that everyone has fun.

Single parents, now called singles, can enjoy the offers for single-parent families in Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa Barcelona. Singles are separated, divorced and ultimately single parents who want to enjoy their holidays alone or with their children. While the kids enjoy activities, moms and dads have the opportunity to expand their circle of friends and have fun freely.

You can see on this website the facilities of our hotels, choose the room you like and take advantage of the offer for a single parent. We will give you a 20% discount to the first child and the second child free * (20% discount for the first child applies if there is only one adult in the reservation).

Discounts for children from single-parent families

Our beach hotels with pools and slides are the favorites of boys and girls, and if your accommodation also has a discount for kids, we must take advantage of the opportunity and offer you your well-deserved vacation. Book today and you will get the discount.

Parents who travel alone with their children will also be able to meet other people in the same circumstances. Holidays are the ideal time to expand our circle of friends. The fundamental objective is that children live emotions and adventures together with other children and at the same time, that their parents can meet people in the same circumstances.

Golden Hotels, the perfect choice for single parent families

Our activities are designed to offer fun and safety for everyone, with experiences designed for children and adults. Always in the fabulous facilities of the Golden hotels: swimming pools, beach, slides, spa, funclub, restaurants...

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