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5 plans for Valentine's Day or San Solterín

Feb. 11, 2022, 2:10 p.m.
Planes románticos en pareja

The most romantic time of the year arrives, thus making it the perfect "excuse" to celebrate love. Yes, love in general, because there are those who celebrate Valentine's Day and those who celebrate Single's Day.

Whatever your situation, it is the perfect time to enjoy an original weekend full of love. Therefore, we are going to help you with a list of 5 original and romantic plans that will make surprising someone or enjoying yourself an easy task.

1. Enjoy dinner

Eating, one of the things most enjoyed by anyone. Whether alone or with someone, going to a new restaurant, trying a different menu and focusing 100% on yourself or on the person in front of you is key. Because… What better demonstration of love than this?
And imagine doing it on the seashore, enjoying the soundtrack of the sea waves... I'm sure you'll love it!
Sounds appetizing, right?
Well, take a look at Sacalma Food & Drink in Tossa de Mar. A restaurant on the seafront in a charming little town on the Costa Brava.

Sacalma Food & Drink Restaurant in Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava
Oh! And if you find that you are a bit far from home… you can take advantage of the night and stay at the Golden Mar Menuda **** hotel, located right there. And if you want to complement the experience with a spa circuit, check out Golden Bahía de Tossa & Spa****S. So you get a round weekend!

2. Enjoy a new experience

Another of the most permanent memories of the human being is what he feels. Awakening the feeling of "living something new" is another key point.
What do you think about doing an excursion on horseback or on a quad alone? Or, for example, an adventure circuit or an afternoon of Laser Tag with your friends?
Whatever it is, the experience you like the most, book it and enjoy! In the end, it is another way to show love.
But, if you have been wanting to enjoy a few of the previous experiences and you see that you do not have enough with just 1 day, do not worry!
The Golden Taurus Aquapark Resort **** hotel, located on the coast of Barcelona, ​​is very close to any of these. oh! And… it offers special offers! Are you going to miss them?

3. Enjoy a relaxing session: spa and massages

Enjoying a moment of total relaxation and connection between mind and body is also another original idea for this Valentine's Day. In addition, it is an ideal plan to forget the overwhelming routine that you carry or have carried for the whole week.
And, what better than doing it in another location? A new destination where you can or will be able to take the opportunity to learn about its possibilities, events, culture and services.
What do you think about Costa Dorada, the area of ​​La Pineda de Salou specifically?
The Golden Costa Salou ****S Adults Only is one of the best hotels to enjoy this experience, alone or accompanied. Its Spa area contains a heated pool with hydrojets, air beds and water jets, sauna, Turkish bath, sensation shower and thermal loungers.

Spa Area Golden Costa Salou ****S Adults Only
Oh and eye! It's for adults only! So relaxation is assured.

4. Watch a sunset / sunset

It seems like a very simple idea, but without a doubt, sometimes the simplest things are the ones that have the most value. It is a magical moment that you can enjoy both alone, and accompanied by your partner, your family or your friends.
Contemplating a sunset or a sunset will not be a difficult task if you set your mind to it.
If you book at Golden Donaire Beach ****, you can enjoy incredible sunsets every day during your stay.

Sunset view from Golden Donaire Beach

Are you going to miss it?

5. Spending a weekend away together

As we said at the beginning, Valentine's Day is about showing love in general. These are not just plans for couples in love, but also plans for oneself or to enjoy with friends and family.
For this reason, an original alternative for Valentine's Day is to spend the weekend away from home together. Make a mini getaway to enjoy the company of one or the other. Be together, catch up, walk… and, above all, enjoy!
Golden Port Salou & Spa **** and Golden Avenida Family Suites **** are two perfect family hotels to enjoy with the family. Located very close to the center of the town, they have a range of restaurants for all tastes and a wide range of services.

Dinner with family in Golden Avenida Family Suites****

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