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As a company of family essence and origin, at Golden Hotels we are proud of our values ​​and corporate culture in order to offer a service based on the quality and satisfaction of our customers. From an organizational culture, our aspiration is to be a hotel group that is a national benchmark in responsible and sustainable tourism, with criteria of excellence, commitment, trust and reputation.

At Golden Hotels & Experiences we work with the aim of creating a positive impact on our environment. Our main challenge is to implement a model of responsible tourism in our day to day, respecting people and the environment.

Agenda 20 is the strategic plan developed by Golden Hotels & Experiences in 2020, and which seeks to create a positive impact on the environment, reducing the consumption of energy, water and waste production.

On this page we intend to collect the actions that Golden Hotels has been carrying, carries right nouw, and other actions that will become in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and our main commitments.

*You can check our Agenda 20 actions on our blog


Sustainable and responsible plan

In 2020, the Golden4Future campaign began, with which we seek to create a positive impact on the environment, reducing energy consumption, water and waste production with the use of biodegradable materials. These are some of our actions:

· More responsible and sustainable tourism

· Implement a more responsible and sustainable tourism model by improving the environmental management of the organization and the quality of the service and providing information to clients and workers.

You can consult the 10 easy actions to be a responsible traveler and more information about Responsible Tourism at this link.

· Use of renewable energies:

In most of our hotels we use renewable energy, such as solar energy and biomass to reduce our carbon footprint and they also consume green energy (renewable, non-polluting, unlimited and respectful of the environment).

We are working to apply the use of renewable energies in the remaining hotels.

Energy efficiency improvements:

· Centralized program for turning on and off the terrace lights in all the hotel rooms and outdoor areas.
· Automatic disconnection of air conditioning in the rooms when detecting terrace doors open.
· Rooms with LED lighting.
· Electricity disconnection with magnetic key in all rooms.
· Parking spaces with electric charge for non-polluting vehicles.

· Reduction of water consumption:

· All the faucets, showers and WC cisterns in the hotel have consumption saving measures (flow reducers, sensors or timed buttons).
· Substitution of bathtubs for shower trays in several hotels, and installation of lower capacity double flush cisterns.
· Drip irrigation programmers and dispersers in the hotel gardens.

· Actions to reduce the generation of plastic waste:

· Creation of compostable Golden bottle made of bamboo & tritan fiber to raise awareness of improving the environment and reduce 900.000 plastic bottles.
· In the different bars and restaurants we serve water in glass with water of osmotic origin and compostable containers on the terraces.
· Elimination of disposable plastics (cups, straws, sauces, jams, plates and cutlery) in common spaces for compostable and biodegradable supplies.
· Body soap and shampoo dispensers in the showers of the rooms.
· Limitation of the amenities (in case the client need it, they can request them free of charge at reception).
· Collaboration with the company ECOLAB to reduce 75% of plastic packaging for cleaning products in our hotels.
· Presentation of products in bulk at the customer breakfast buffet to reduce the number of individual plastic wrappers.
· Mostly part of used cooking oil is recycled and reused.
· Cleaning products with dispenser to reduce their waste.

company values

Equality and education plans

Despite being a family company, Golden Hotels is a chain of more than 700 workers whom we want to treat equally, apart from making them participants in our social and environmental values ​​and encouraging new practices that help the company in achieve new values ​​and challenges.

Unfortunately, inequality still survives today through issues that require urgent attention and solution. We want real equality between women and men and we will defend the most basic rights for all women, without distinction of any kind.

· Sensitization and awareness to clients and workers

· Information about our environmental commitment on our website, televisions and communications for employees.
· Campaigns of awareness in the welcome sessions for new staff.
· Information on reducing the frequency of washing towels.
· Customer environmental satisfaction survey to assess new actions.
· Survey on employee involvement in the environment.
· Digital, environmental and recycling training programs for all our employees.

· Development of the Equality Plan

The equality plan is a document that consists of a series of measures agreed upon by the legal representatives of the workers and the company to ensure that the company's gender equality objectives are achieved.
With this plan we want to improve the work environment, through the promulgation of messages of non-discrimination, implementation of conciliation measures, and giving more opportunities to select and retain talented people.

· Team building days and team celebrations

In the company we know that a pleasant work environment and the recognition of workers increase productivity, motivation and achievement of objectives. These group dynamics are very important, which is why at Golden Hotels we have brought our team beyond the office. With this, we get the worker to create synergies with colleagues inside and outside their department, carrying out a joint activity that allows them to live new experiences and interact with their colleagues outside the office, thus reinforcing the feeling of belonging and team cohesion.
During the last years we have carried out Laser Tags, team games, walks, lunches and in the future we want to make it easier for our workers to sign up for conferences related to sustainability.

· Women's day celebration

In 2020 we meet in celebration of International Women's Day, a day that we have been celebrating every year since. Taking advantage of the fact that the hotels are not yet open on March 8, HR calls all workers to a day in which they intend to focus on the values ​​of equality, diversity and teamwork.
We are proud to be able to say that our essence as a company, we uphold values ​​such as equality, diversity and support active participation. We will continue to join all initiatives that aim to join paths for a better future for all.
If you want to see the different activities we do, you can find them on our blog.

commitment with society

Commitment, Trust and Reputation Plan (CSR)

· Solidarity Market

In 2021 we carried out a solidarity market where all the proceeds went to the cause of "La Marató de TV3", dedicated to Mental Health. In this solidarity market it was possible to buy second-hand clothes and accessories that Golden Hotels workers, our friends and family contributed to the campaign.
Between the two weekends that we held the solidarity market (in Tossa de Mar and Pineda de Mar), we raised €1,235 that we proudly gave to "La Marató de TV3" in 2021.
The clothes, accessories, toys, cuddly toys, and children's books that we did not sell, we gave to Cáritas Pineda de Mar and the Cruz Roja of Pineda de Mar and other types of books to the Association Against Cancer of Catalonia (AECC Blanes) for sale of 2nd hand books they make during the days of La Marató (+ info)

· Annual contribution to the Food Donation Campaign in collaboration with the Red Cross of Pineda de Mar and Tossa de Mar.

· Help with sponsorships and collaborations to associations and projects in our closest environment (see our sponsorships and collaborations)

· Recruitment of workers from non-profit entities, whose purpose is the labor and social integration of physical, mental and sensory disabilities. (Marpi Foundation and Aspronis Foundation)

· Build trust with our suppliers and cultivate lasting relationships based on mutual respect.

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