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Tossa de Mar is ideal for diving during your holidays. The Mar Menuda beach, is characterized by being one of the most beautiful beaches with a wide variety of fish. It has different routes that always tend to surprise by the amount of life that is in its funds.

The dive point is a small cave located under a vertical rock fall from 13 to 20 meters deep, the cave itself being a length of 3 or 4 meters and 2 meters high at the entrance reducing quickly to enter until which can no longer be continued. It is an immersion that can perform from the first level, leaving the coast as much of La Mar Menuda as La Banyera.

In Golden Bahia de Tossa and Golden Mar Menuda you will be able to inform yourself of the following activities and enjoy a diving experience in charge of the best diving company in Tossa de Mar, Superdive Tossa.

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