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Loyalty by Golden

Loyalty by Golden is the loyalty program of Golden Hotels & Experiences.
The objective of the program is to reward guests who have made their reservation through the official website ( We want you to feel like a special client enjoying the experiences we offer at Golden Hotels.

There are currently 2 user categories:

· Loyalty Club
· Loyalty Club Plus+

Access if you are already a Loyalty member

Once registered, we will welcome you with a user of the Loyalty Club category. Once your user accumulates 20 nights or more of stays in our hotels, he will become a Loyalty Club Plus+ user, where he will benefit from a greater discount and more promotions.
From now on, with this loyalty program you can benefit from:

  • Up to 10% discount on reservations made on this page
  • Accumulate nights and you can get greater discounts on your next reservations
    (up to 15% discount for Loyalty Club Plus+ users)
  • Exclusive promotional codes with extra offers
  • Be the first to know about our news and special services.
  • ... and always with the best online price guaranteed

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How do I register?
Through the website you can register and access your profile of the program:
In the "Loyalty" section (upper part of the menu) you can register and once you have entered your data, you will be able to access your profile, where you can check your reservations and all the information related to your data.

How do I get Loyalty benefits?
Once you are registered, you must log in with your user. Loyalty Club and Loyalty Club Plus+ users will see the discount of 5%*, 10%* Loyalty by selecting the WOW! rate, or a 15%* respectively in their total reservation (the discount is applied to the price of the room. It does not apply to meal board supplements).
Golden Hotels will periodically send exclusive offers to all customers of the Loyalty program with the periodic conditions in force.

How to get Loyalty Club Plus+?
Accumulate 20 nights in Golden Hotels through your Loyalty Club account and you will automatically be part of the Loyalty Club Plus+, enjoying extra discounts on new reservations you make.

Is there a limited time to get Loyalty Club Plus+?
No, your accumulated nights will never expire and once you are Loyalty Club Plus+, you will be for your whole life, enjoying the greatestpossible discounts.

I want to be a member of the Loyalty by Golden

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