Bases legales concurso Halloween


GOLDEN HOTELS entity holder of (hereinafter Organizer).

Due to Halloween, Golden Hotels organizes an Instagram photo contest. The contest will be based on the following bases:


Participants will have to publish a photo on Instagram that represents their stay during Halloween. We will look for originality of the pictures, as well as quality.


Participants will have to fulfil the following requirements:

· Be guests of Golden Port Salou & Spa during the contest period
· Follow the official profile of Golden Hotels @goldenhotels
· Tag @goldenhotels on the participant picture
· Tag #Ilovegoldenhotels
· Public Instagram profile
· Participants must be individuals and over 18


The period of the contest will start 26th October 2021 and will finish 1st November 2021 23.59hCET.

The participation is for free and implies that participants to have a public Instagram profile and to respect the general conditions written on Instagram (https//

Participant can upload as many pictures as they wish during the contest period. Only the pictures that share the topic of the contest and that meet all the points of Section number 3 will opt the different prizes.

Any content that Golden Hotels considers to be inappropriate, offensive, violent, sexist, racist o that violates any right will be automatically removed of the contest.

Among the published pictures, Golden Hotels will select 3 finalists. The finalist pictures will be published on 2nd November 2021. After this post and until 4th November 2021 23.59h CET, the voting period will take place.

Won’t be considered any duplicated votes, or any fraudulent or sing of cheating.

After the votes counting, Golden Hotels will select the winning picture. Finally, on 5th November 2021, the winning picture will be published on the official Instagram profile of Golden Hotels. Golden Hotels will directly contact the winner.

The jury reserves to itself the right to declare the prize not awarded if it is considered that the pictures do not meet the enough quality.


All the Instagram users that fulfil the requirements mentioned on section number 3 will be awarded with a check of €10 as a participation prize.

This prize will be:

· Exclusive on the official website of Golden Hotels
· Applicable for 2021 bookings
· Maximum reduction of €10 per booking

The winner of the contest, therefore the one published on the official profile of Golden Hotels, will be awarded with a check of €100.

This prize will be:

  • Applicable for 2021 bookings
  • Exclusive for Golden Port Salou & Spa

The winner will have to directly contact the hotel so to make the booking.

In both cases, Golden Hotels will contact all the participants and the winner to communicate them the prizes.

The acceptance of the prize by the winner supposes to give acceptance to Golden Hotels to use the name and the photo for promotional actions.


Participants assume the responsible of authority and originality of the images that are to be sent and give the right of reproduction and communication of their photos to Golden Hotels. Thus, Golden Hotels has the right to use this material for any media action. Participants must, in any case, defend peoples’ image rights. Golden Hotels is totally exempt of any responsibility related to this matter.


When participating in this contest, participants accept that any content or comments published in any social media may be shared with other users, websites or any social media owned by Golden Hotels.


Participants must not upload files or comments that contain viruses or that may be harmful to any computer equipment, tablets or cell phones. The Organizer is excluded from liability for delayed or misdirected entries due to any failure or lack of availability of hardware, electronic communications or upload to the Internet or other connections.

Golden Hotels is not responsible for the changes or effects that could be caused to your mobile phone, computer system, camera or other equipment as a result of your participation. The Organizer reserves the right to: exclude any participation or, if any participant, in case of incorrect manipulation of the data, refuse participation in the contest of those who do not meet the requirements described in these terms and conditions of participation or that contravene the rules or purpose of the contest, cancel the present contest or suspend or change any of its conditions due to technical causes or any other nature that is alien to your will that could not comply with the normality of the development of the competition according to what is established in these bases.


Participation in this call implies the full acceptance of these rules and the acceptance of the rules of Instagram.

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