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Spa & wellness Golden Port Salou

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A set of modern facilities dedicated to aesthetics and well-being through two pillars: body and beauty treatments, and the benefit of the water area.

Water area of our Spa

Heated Pool

The hotel's heated pool with jets and a water cascade offers a unique experience. The controlled temperature allows you to enjoy a relaxing swim throughout the year. The jets massage your body, relieving muscle tension, while the cascade creates a serene and pleasant ambiance. Immerse yourself in this oasis of relaxation and well-being.

Hammam and Nordic Sauna

In the hammam, its intense and dry heat provides deep relaxation, relieves stress, and improves blood circulation. Additionally, it helps eliminate toxins and promotes skin purification.

The Nordic sauna has numerous health benefits. Its intense and humid heat relaxes the muscles, alleviates stress, and promotes detoxification. Moreover, it improves blood circulation and stimulates skin cell renewal.

A few minutes in them, and you'll enjoy the benefits for your physical and mental well-being.

Thermal Loungers

The thermal loungers in the spa offer relaxing and therapeutic benefits. The gentle and comforting heat helps to alleviate stress, relax muscles, and improve blood circulation. Additionally, they provide a cozy and tranquil environment to rest and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Cold Bath

Feel like relaxing in the cold bath?

Immersing yourself in it after a thermal treatment or intense exercise helps reduce inflammation, relieve muscle fatigue, and revitalize the body. Experience the refreshing sensation and the recovery benefits in the spa's cold bath.