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As a company of essence and family origin, we have management values ​​as solid as our maximum desire to offer a service based on the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

Based on an organizational culture, our aspiration is to be a hotel group that is a national reference in responsible and sustainable tourism, with criteria of excellence, commitment, trust and reputation.


At Golden Hotels & Experiences we work with the objective of creating a positive impact on our environment. Our main model is to implement a responsible tourism model in our day to day respecting people and the environment.

Agenda 20

Agenda 20 is the strategic plan developed by Golden Hotels & Experiences in the year 2020 and that seeks to create a positive impact on the environment, reducing the consumption of energy, water and waste production.

In Golden Hotels & Experiences we are moving towards a good sustainable management of our hotel activity by applying a program of Good Environmental Practices that guarantee a responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism model, as well as addressing major global challenges (climate change, environment , education and equality).

Our main commitments

  • Sustainable and responsible plan
    • Implement a more responsible and sustainable tourism model
    • Improve the environmental management of the organization and service quality
    • Actions to reduce the generation of plastic waste:
      · Creation of the Golden compostable bottle of bamboo fiber for environmental awareness #SAVETHEPLANET
      · Stop consuming more than 900,000 plastic water bottles that were used each year in our hotels.
      · In the different restaurants we will serve the water in recyclable glass bottle and with osmotic water.
      · Elimination of single-use plastics (glasses, reeds, plates and cutlery) in common spaces by compostable and biodegradable utensils
      · Limitation of the amenities (in case you need any, ask for them at reception and we will offer them free of charge)
      · Collaboration with the Ecolab company to reduce 75% of plastic packaging for cleaning products in our hotels
    • Improvements for energy efficiency
  • Commitment, trust and reputation plan
    • Achieve the active participation of respect of our customers, suppliers and collaborators
    • Build trust with our suppliers and cultivate lasting relationships based on mutual respect
  • Environmentally friendly plan
    • Contribute to preserve a sustainable living space with our most direct and local environment
    • Prioritize products and services of local origin
  • Equality and education plan
    • Environmental training and recycling programs for all our employees and collaborators
    • Development of equality plans
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