Golden Hotels & Experiences inaugurates new offices in Pineda de Mar, promoting collaboration and sustainability in its growth

Following the growth rate of its hotel chain, Golden Hotels & Experiences has decided to move to more spacious offices in Pineda de Mar, near Barcelona. The facilities are adapted to the new work models, with the latest technology, and provide a sustainable and comfortable work environment, so that employees can carry out all their functions in an open, collaborative and functional space.

The new offices have modern equipment with all the necessary comforts for hotel management: meeting rooms, conference rooms, offices for management and different open spaces for the Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance, Purchasing, IT and HR. To this is added a cafeteria so that workers can take their breaks.

More sustainable, spacious and efficient facilities

The new headquarters has photovoltaic panels that will reduce electricity consumption and its large windows let in natural light throughout the day.

"With this new headquarters we want to make a qualitative leap in our way of working. We are 40 people at the Golden Hotels & Experiences Headquarters and we have to interact in the most efficient, creative and productive way. This new space will make it easier for us to take advantage of the capacity and knowledge of each one of the members of the team, to be able to face all the challenges that we have and also those that will be presented to us in the future”, highlighted its general manager, Enric Aragonés.

At Golden Hotels & Experiences, we are proud to inaugurate our new offices in Pineda de Mar, thus marking a milestone in our expansion and commitment to collaboration and sustainability. This step forward allows us to work more efficiently and creatively, making the most of our team's knowledge and talent. In addition, we want to offer our guests the best guaranteed conditions. For this reason, we invite you to book directly through our website, where you will find the best price and an unparalleled experience. We are excited about what the future holds and we are sure that together we will build unforgettable moments in our hotels. We are waiting for you with open arms!


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