Organic Coffee Capsules: A Sustainable Option for Golden Hotel Guests

With the aim of reducing the ecological footprint that each one of us can leave, we are very happy to present you the new organic coffee capsules that Golden will offer this season, with daily replacement, in all the Premium rooms of our hotels. Organic products are those that are grown naturally and that at no time during the manufacturing process receive chemicals or pesticides. These products are therefore respectful with the environment because they do not pollute and help to preserve the fertility of the earth.

These new organic coffee capsules respond to everything we seek from Golden. Thus, it is a 100% organically grown coffee that has not been in contact with any type of pesticide, herbicide, or any other chemical product. In addition, the capsule is compostable, which means that in a period of 12 weeks it decomposes, becoming the perfect compound to return to the earth following a natural cycle.

All these characteristics make the new capsules a product from organic farming and with 0 residue, perfect for receiving the OK COMPOST certificate. This certificate accredits that the organic coffee capsules that we bring you respect all the container and packaging requirements to be evaluated through composting and biodegradation and, in addition, that they have passed the entire test program and evaluation criteria throughout the cultivation process and packaging. It is, therefore, a coffee that has been both cultivated and packaged in a protected atmosphere.


At Golden we are proud to work with the aim of creating a positive impact on our environment, implementing a responsible tourism model that respects people and the environment in our daily lives.

Thus, and for our clients, Golden Hotel & Experiences offers a plan of 10 simple actions to be a responsible traveler. Not having enough with this, we have also formed Agenda 20, a strategic plan to reduce energy consumption, water, and waste production, and Golden4Future, where we emphasize more responsible and sustainable tourism and add the use of biodegradable materials in our routines.

From Golden Hotels & Experiences we want you to be able to enjoy a dream vacation in a responsible way with the surroundings and the environment.

At Golden Hotels & Experiences, we offer organic coffee capsules in all our Premium rooms. Book directly through our website to enjoy the best price and the best guaranteed conditions. Contribute to sustainable tourism while enjoying a dream vacation.


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