In this Christmas season, Golden Hotels reaffirms its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through active participation in various charitable actions. The company has decided to contribute to two significant charitable events: the Christmas Solidarity Meal of the Catalan Parkinson's Association and the AFANOC Charity Gala in Montbau (Barcelona).


Commitment to the Catalan Parkinson's Association

The Catalan Parkinson's Association is making efforts to provide care and advice to individuals affected by Parkinson's disease and their families. In their annual Christmas Solidarity Meal, scheduled for December 16, 2023, affected individuals, family members, and professionals in the sector come together in an event that includes a Solidarity Raffle.


Golden Hotels has decided to join this noble cause by providing a valuable voucher for a reservation. This contribution will allow gala attendees to enjoy a festive day and strengthen social bonds among those who share similar experiences related to Parkinson's.


Collaboration with AFANOC and the House of Xuklis

The AFANOC Charity Gala, taking place on December 23, aims to raise funds for the association, focusing on subsidizing the "Houses of Xuklis." These houses, located near the Vall d’Hebron hospital, provide accommodation for children battling cancer and their families, especially those with limited financial resources. This way, families can live together and close to the hospital during the treatment of the little ones.


We are delighted to contribute to this noble cause by donating a voucher for a stay at any of our hotels during the 2024 season.


Golden Hotels believes that, with collective effort, we can achieve maximum impact and help improve the quality of life for those facing challenges related to Parkinson's disease and childhood cancer. We encourage everyone this Christmas to join such charitable initiatives by participating and contributing to make the world a slightly better place.


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