Join our cap collection campaign to support people with functional diversity

At Golden Hotels & Experiences, we believe in the power of solidarity and collaboration. That is why we are proud to collaborate with ADIAM (Associació de disCapacitats de l'Alt Maresme) in its noble mission of improving the quality of life of people with functional diversity and their families.

ADIAM is a non-profit entity that brings together people with disabilities and their families and friends in the Alt Maresme region. Despite having limited resources, this organization works tirelessly to provide comprehensive support and essential services to its community.

One of ADIAM's outstanding initiatives is the collection of plastic caps, an ingenious way of generating funds for the entity. These resources are essential to cover such vital needs as the association's insurance, allowing them to continue their valuable work.

In this sense, at Golden Hotels & Experiences we have decided to contribute our grain of sand. We will be collecting caps at our headquarters to support the cause. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that the entire profits from the solidarity market that we will hold on November 11 in Pineda de Mar will be donated to the association.

ADIAM has installed two cores in Pineda de Mar, intended exclusively for the collection of corks. It is an initiative that symbolizes the love and solidarity of the community towards people with functional diversity.

We invite you to actively participate in this noble campaign. By collaborating with the collection of caps and attending our solidarity market, you directly contribute to improving the lives of those who need it most in the community.

Together, we can make significant change possible in the lives of many people. Join us in this valuable initiative and help us fill every corner of our community with love and solidarity.


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