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Adventure circuit

Almost 1 km of zip lines in different adventure circuits

Adventure circuit

A unique experience and fun for everyone in a natural environment 5 minutes from the Golden Taurus Aquapark Resort hotel

Several routes between the trees, which are linked by bridges, nets, cables and zip lines and allow you to go from tree to tree without touching the ground, with maximum safety, both for the participants and for the trees themselves.



Emotion Adventure Circuit - €20

Minimum height 1.30m

The average height of the platforms is 4m

· Approximate duration of the tour 2h

It has a total of 23 tests


Zip lines circuit - €25

Minimum height 1.50m

· A spectacular circuit with an average height of 8-10m

· Approximate duration of the tour 2 h

· It has a total of 20 tests, including 10 spectacular and long zip lines that add up to almost 800 m

Minimum age to participate without adult supervision 15 years


Emotional Adventure + Zip Line Circuit - €35

Minimum height 1.50m

· For those who do not have enough with one activity, they can enjoy both in this pack!

· Approximate duration of the tour 3 h

It has a total of 43 tests



*Prices per participant and VAT included



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