Golden Hotels in favor of Responsible Tourism

In 2020 the Golden4Future campaign began, with which we seek to create a positive impact on the environment, reducing the consumption of energy, water and waste production with the use of biodegradable materials.

Last season we stopped selling plastic bottled water and we provided the customer, with composting cups, filtered and balanced water of the best quality and free of impurities (with the Arctic Water seal). With this proposal, we contributed to reducing the production of more than 900,000 bottles of water that were sold each year in our hotels.

We also made some bottles made of bamboo particles available to the client with which we wanted to completely eliminate the use of packaged plastics in our hotels. This season, however, we have wanted to improve this product, with the use of a recyclable and reusable plastic material such as Tritan, which, even though it is a non-biodegradable material, is less polluting than other plastics and, in addition, its recycling is easier. .

Tritan is a great alternative to glass or steel, offering some of their advantages, but without their drawbacks. In addition, it does not transmit odors or flavors to food and can be used in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Tritan features:
- It is free of BPA and bisphenols (does not retain odors or flavors).
- Suitable for containing hot or cold drinks.
- It is ecological, light to transport and suitable for storing liquids safely at room temperature or cold (it is totally harmless below 109º C).
- It is a healthy and ecological alternative due to its long durability.
- It has a filter that eliminates 99% of harmful substances carried by tap water.

These characteristics make the new Golden EcoBottles the best alternative to contribute a grain of sand and contribute to caring for the planet.

Today, there are already more than 150 million tons of plastic in the sea. That is why from Golden Hotels we created this campaign that helps to reduce and raise awareness about sustainability. We look forward to continuing to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible for many years to come.

You can find these bottles in our hotels and when completing a reservation on our website.


To continue our commitment to responsible tourism and care for the environment, at Golden Hotels we invite you to book directly through our website. By doing so, you will not only ensure that you get the best price and conditions guaranteed, but you will also be contributing to our #Golden4Future campaign. By booking with us, you will be supporting our sustainable initiatives, such as the use of the new Golden EcoBottles, made with Tritan, a recyclable and reusable material that helps reduce plastic consumption and the impact on the planet. Join us in protecting the environment while you enjoy an unforgettable experience in our hotels. Make your reservation now and be part of the positive change!


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