Commitment to Society: Labor Integration and Collaborations with Centers and Associations

At Golden Hotels & Experiences we identify ourselves by following company values based on equality and education plans, among others. We are a chain of more than 800 workers who are dedicated to offering the best vacation service to our clients, but we also work together every day to do our bit to reduce social inequalities and collaborate with some study and work centers.

So, we are proud to be able to explain some of the collaborations that Golden has made with these centers and also to introduce you by name to some people who were at risk of social exclusion and who, today, are essential pieces of our great team.

Labor and social integration

Unfortunately, the lack of commitment to society still persists today through issues that require urgent attention and solution. We are aware that we cannot help everyone, but we can carry out small actions that benefit more or less large groups in our immediate environment.

Osas Enabulele is a man who was at risk of social exclusion since he had no income or housing and to whom we wanted to give the opportunity to be part of our team. He was offered both accommodation and a job at the chain and since 2022 he has been working in the kitchen of the Golden Mar Menuda.

Saliu is another clear example that we have people around us who need someone to help them and that's what we wanted to do with him. He is a young refugee who they wanted to return to his country and from Golden we also offered him work and accommodation the same year as Osas. Since then, he has been in charge of maintenance work at the Golden Costa Salou hotel as well as helping the chambermaids of the same hotel.

Collaborations with centers and associations

Labor and social integration associations for people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities play a very important role in our society and are often left in the background. From Golden we wanted to collaborate directly with some of them by offering them some jobs with which to feel fulfilled.

One of them is ASPRONIS, a foundation focused on generating initiatives, support and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. From here we have Julián, who carries out various maintenance jobs at the Golden Bahía de Tossa & Spa.

We also collaborate with the Onada Foundation, a social initiative entity that works to improve the quality of life of people with difficulties and which is in charge of gardening at our Golden Costa Salou hotel.

And as for the educational centers, Golden also offers internship agreements with the Cal·lipolis Institute and with the opportunity to later become part of the staff immediately. In fact, two of the current masseuses at the Golden Costa Salou spa, Claudia and Noemí, stayed on the team at the end of these internships, and they have a colleague who is currently doing this practicum process.

Donations of computer equipment have also been made to the Instituto Sa Palomera, a secondary school where ESO, baccalaureate and computer training courses are taught, among others. We also have an internship agreement with this institute with which some students can come to do their internship at the chain's headquarters.

Thus, from Golden Hotels & Experiences we care about offering a good service to our clients, but as much as for this we care about the people around us, about taking care of team and company values and about offering opportunities to those people who for one reason or another they need a push to enter this wheel.

At Golden Hotels & Experiences, our passion for providing exceptional vacation service is combined with our commitment to society. We firmly believe in labor integration and in collaborating with centers and associations to reduce social inequalities. We want to invite everyone to book directly through our website, where we guarantee the best price and the most favorable conditions. By choosing Golden, you will not only enjoy a unique experience, but you will also help support our social actions and offer opportunities to those who need it most. Together, we can make a difference and create a positive impact on our environment. Join us and book now on "this web page"!


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