Golden Taurus Aquapark: the family resort near Barcelona that has marked an era in beach tourism

Family vacations were a hit in the 70s and 80s. Traveling along the Catalan coast was and is a safe and effective way to spend the summer holidays. In addition to the beach and the swimming pool, national tourism likes to eat well and take the opportunity to discover areas such as the Costa Brava or the Costa Dorada.
Now we have better roads, air conditioning in the car and Google Maps to go to beach hotels, family hotels, even hotels with a water park.

Golden Hotels knows very well what family holidays are, the chain opened its first hotel in June 1963. The Golden Taurus Aquapark Hotel advertised itself as follows:

· At 10 meters from the beach, 400 double rooms.
· Large lounges and terraces.
· Illuminated pool.
· Solarium.
· Park and children's pool.
· Bullring.
· Permanent titular orchestra.
· Boutique.
· Snack-bar.
· Typical Andalusian winery.
· Tennis courts.
· Mini golf.
· Nautical sports.
· Parking.
· 50 kms. from Barcelona.

A unique hotel in a wonderful location.

It became the largest hotel in Spain. And thanks to family resorts like Golden Hotels, tourism began to grow and families began to travel and enjoy these types of large hotels next to the beach. Which benefited the entire country by creating jobs and wealth.

Currently in the hallways of the Golden Taurus Aquapark hotel a set of images is collected from the beginnings and activities of this great hotel near Barcelona.
Every year the Golden Hotels chain has made improvements to the facilities, renovating swimming pools, restaurants or even incorporating a water park full of slides so that its guests can enjoy the hotel's entertainment and water activities in a private and quiet way.

Golden Taurus Aquapark is a hotel located a few minutes from Barcelona, ​​in the Maresme region. The vast majority of rooms have stunning views of the sea and every day there are activities for children, young people and families.

The degree of customer satisfaction is very high, due to the great dedication of the hotel company and its employees. The guest will always feel at home and will be able to rest on vacation or do sports and activities by the sea.

After more than 55 summers we have experienced many anecdotes and we want to share them. From the folkloric era of more national tourism (concerts of famous singers, permanent orchestra, etc.) to the return to holidays close to home in 2020 with all the security measures and guarantees in the hotel rooms. Times have been changing: vinyl records with traditional phrases and songs, changes in the names of the beach areas, before the Costa Dorada and now Costa Barcelona and in the 21st century the water park within the hotel. And all these summers Golden Hotels continues to treat families in Catalonia, Spain and around the world with the same hospitality.

Golden Hotels has been a benchmark in the world of family resorts since it was founded in 1963. They have evolved and adapted their facilities and services over the years to continue offering families the best possible vacations. Currently, the Golden Taurus Aquapark hotel is in a privileged location just a few minutes from Barcelona, and offers a wide variety of activities and services for the whole family. From the rooms with stunning sea views to the water park with slides, there is something for everyone. In addition, with the new Loyalty program, guests can book their 2020 vacations at exceptional prices, making these vacations even more attractive to families looking for quality and affordable prices.

Book through our official website and discover the Golden Taurus Aquapark family resort, near Barcelona, which has left its mark on beach tourism. Get the best price and the best conditions for an unforgettable vacation. Do not miss the opportunity to live unique experiences and enjoy all our facilities and services designed for the enjoyment of the whole family. Make your reservation now and create unforgettable memories at Golden Taurus Aquapark!


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