Recognition and Thanks to the Golden Hotels & Experiences Workers

Golden Hotels & Experiences is a family hotel chain that, despite having grown in recent years to more than 800 workers, we want to maintain that essence of family and closeness between all of us. Thus, being aware of the importance of each and every one of our team workers, we wanted to reward the loyalty of those employees who have retired with us after spending more than 25 years in our family.

To thank these workers for the time they have spent at Golden, creating unforgettable moments and memories, we have given each of them a watch engraved with the date they joined the team and the date they retired, as well as the logo with which this Golden family is identified. It is often said that we are all replaceable, but the reality is that these years without the people that we will present to you next by our side would not have been the same. That is why we chose a watch as the perfect gift to give them, in order to symbolize and make tangible this appreciation for the time they have spent with us.

Commitment to our workers

Surely, some of you who have been visiting the Golden hotels until today will know the people we are talking about, but for those who do not put a face to them, we present them below:

First of all, on October 27, 2019, Pedro de la Cruz retired. He has been a maître at the Golden Donaire Beach for a long time. In fact, this expression falls short, because Pedro spent his entire working life with us. He came to the Golden family before 1978 and stayed with it for more than 40 years, giving us his love and energy from day one.

Juan Antonio Marchante was at the Golden Donaire Beach hand in hand with Pedro de la Cruz, and it is that he was the second maître of the hotel from 1991 to October 31, 2020, the day he retired. In both cases, the pandemic made it difficult for us to celebrate his farewell at the right time, but when the situation improved, we had no hesitation in following the philosophy that it is better to do things late than never do them, and thus we also gave him his gift.

And last but not least, on the 31st December 2022 we said goodbye from Golden to Juan Antonio García, who had been a maintenance technician at Golden Port Salou since 1992. We owe a million thanks to all of them for having everything being this time by our side and have helped us grow, not only as a company, but as a team and, much more importantly, as people,

Thus, at Golden Hotels & Experiences we know that a pleasant work environment is essential for productivity, and they have been fundamental pieces for more than 25 years in helping to achieve this good work environment. For our part, we wanted to recognize all your effort this time to help move the Golden family forward.

At Golden Hotels & Experiences, we thank our workers for their dedication for more than 25 years. For reservations at the best price and best conditions, we invite you to book directly through our website. Join our Golden family and enjoy an unforgettable experience!


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