This morning waking up in bed at our hotel by the sea and suddenly I thought of us, looking into our eyes and smiling.

While having breakfast, on the balcony of our room with a view, I began to write these lines. I had always dreamed of being with such a person but the reality is much better.

Are you surprised that I'm watching you?

Caressing you for so long and I don't want to separate my fingers from your skin, it's not normal, but that's how I am.

I still remember your look when we met.

Romantic getaway by the sea

When I'm alone I start to remember our first vacations, when we visited charming places on the Costa Brava and days later we ended up at the new child-free hotel Costa Salou, it was wonderful to be with you. Melancholy invades me when I remember those vacations.

I have seen lovers, accomplices and secret loves but I never felt that explosion when I looked into his eyes and observed his lips, everything around me shines. I am afraid of his rejection because my love is strong like the rocks we see from our room overlooking the sea.

When we are not together I miss her skin, her eyes, her presence. Luck has smiled on me and I am by his side again, I need his presence every day, every moment. Here there is no patience without you.

There is so much to live, so much to travel and enjoy by your side. It would be a fantasy to enjoy your charms once again.

Our passion was so intense that the birds on our balcony played trying to imitate our caresses.

When you read these words, remember how we looked at the stars from the beach next to the Mar Menuda hotel. Now I feel that everything was something more than a romantic getaway, I had never savored a sunset from the beach with the person I loved.

I have seen the waves of the Mediterranean Sea cry, while we remembered those days of rest by your side. I miss you, your smile and the tenderness of your skin.

The best trip of my life

I want to plan a new trip for lovers, a romantic getaway, even if it's not Valentine's Day every day. I want to go on vacation with you as a couple at an adults-only hotel, say good night and good morning without stopping to hug each other. Let's devour the sun and the beach as if they were yours and mine.

Because I've always loved you, I'm going to reserve a room right now by the sea in that charming little hotel on the Mar Menuda beach, yes, the Golden Mar Menuda hotel or perhaps in the new Costa Salou. How about?

Our dreams will come true.

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