Committed to the Development of Our Human Capital

At Golden Hotels, we understand that success in the hotel industry is built on the foundation of a strong and committed team. We recognize the changing challenges of the labor market and are committed to empowering the people and professionals who are part of our family at GOLDEN HOTELS.

We will invest in our human capital

During the years 2023-24, we will invest more than 100,000 euros in the training and development of our human capital. This commitment reflects our vision of strengthening and improving both the professional and personal skills of our team. We know that a well-prepared team is essential to address the changes and challenges facing our industry, known for its dynamism and constant evolution.

The Heart of Our Excellence in Service

At Golden Hotels, we understand that the key to providing exceptional service to our guests starts with our team. We believe that by caring for and training our staff, we create an environment where they can flourish and provide exceptional experiences to those who visit us.

This commitment is not only about acquiring professional skills, but also about promoting the well-being and personal development of each member of our team. We believe that a satisfied and engaged team is essential to the success of Golden Hotels and to ensuring our guests enjoy memorable stays.

In short, our investment in human capital development at Golden Hotels reflects our commitment to service excellence and our recognition that people are the engine of our success. We are excited for the future and to see how our strengthened team will continue to deliver unforgettable experiences to our guests for years to come.


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