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July 28, 2021, noon

Enjoy the best diving on the Costa Brava and with the comfort that Golden Hotels offers of having the diving center in the same hotel where you sleep. Thanks to our diving pack, immerse yourself in 4 days of underwater experience in the Mar Menuda cove, Costa Brava. The diving package includes accommodation, meals, 4 dives or a diving baptism if it is your first time.

The Golden Mar Menuda hotel is on the beach and the main attraction for divers is that diving is practiced from the beach, which allows people who get seasick to find their ideal starting point here.

A paradise for divers in Tossa de Mar, an underwater world that is home to the most important population of seahorses in Catalonia. The most experienced divers will be able to reach the crystal clear waters of the Costa Brava where these small animals live. And all divers will have the privilege of discovering the beauty of the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. There is an oasis of life among the submerged rocks in front of the Golden Mar Menuda hotel, from your room you can admire the beaches and coves of Tossa de Mar where every day you can see unique fish up close in your dives: barracudas, moray eels, rays, moray eels or even sunfish.
The dive site is a small cave located under a vertical rock fall from 13 to 20 meters deep, the cave itself being 3 or 4 meters long and 2 meters high at the entrance, rapidly reducing when entering until that you can no longer continue. It is a dive that you can do from the first level, leaving the coast from both La Mar Menuda and La Banyera.

The dive and hotel pack is accessible to everyone. Golden Mar Menuda offers you to stay 3 nights in the hotel rooms, full board, diving classes, certified dives; and diving baptism.

Staying in a seafront hotel makes it possible that you do not have to take any transport to access your dives. In Cala Mar Menuda on the Costa Brava you just have to put on your suit, goggles, fins and your oxygen cylinder. Without straying too far from the coast and accessing your diving area from the beach itself, you will immerse yourself in a spectacular landscape of rocks, fish, crabs and octopuses.

Pack of 4 hotel nights plus scuba diving on the Costa Brava

The Hotel Golden Mar Menuda organizes accommodation and diving packages with dives, baptisms and diving courses. Both individuals and groups can access one of the favorite destinations on the coast of Catalonia for diving and snorkelling, Tossa de Mar. The Mar Menuda beach is the ideal place to start this aquatic adventure, there is a small protected area of the waves they call La Bañera, the starting point for divers.

Disconnect from surface problems, feel the freedom and practice your favorite sport under the sea. Don't hesitate and book diving packages and accommodation for divers, beginners and experts today. Thanks to Golden Hotels, enjoying the beauty of the seabed is an accessible experience for nature and sports lovers. After diving among posidonias, passing colorful fish and observing barracudas, you will be a few steps from your accommodation at the Golden Mar Menuda hotel.

If you take a diving course you will obtain a certificate of the official basic diving course, which enables you to dive to a depth of 18 meters. Enjoy your diving baptism in Tossa de Mar, safely and with fun. The courses are led by experienced professional divers and the diving equipment is of quality.

If your passion is underwater beauty, don't hesitate and take advantage of the Golden Hotels hotel plus diving package, book now at the best price for your dream destination next to the Mediterranean Sea.

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