A few days ago, we finalized the numbers for how much we raised in our Solidarity Market. In the end, we were able to raise: 2355€!! We decided to distribute this money equally among the three non-profit organizations we collaborated with in 2023: ADIAM, Pas A Pas Autisme, and Fundació Onada.

Last week, we welcomed María and Dani from ADIAM to our offices to hand over one-third of the Market's funds. We also celebrated the raffle of the painting created and donated by the artist from Pineda de Mar, Sara Poch. Additionally, we took the opportunity to deliver all the bottle caps we have been collecting for the past few weeks ????.

Yesterday, we also received a visit from the Pas A Pas Autisme Association. In addition to delivering the benefits of the Solidarity Market by Golden de Tossa de Mar, we took the opportunity to discuss with Eva and Joan Ignasi issues such as economic, bureaucratic, and research difficulties that these associations face. Although we cannot directly solve these problems, we believe that our small contribution and raising awareness can motivate government entities to take measures that facilitate their invaluable work.

Next week, we will travel to Tarragona to hand over the remaining 785€ to Fundació Onada. Once again, we want to thank everyone who made the Solidarity Market possible, whether through clothing donations, purchases, or workers helping in their free time. Next year, more, and we hope it's even better :)


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